I bought a stud fee for ER Invictus (Ravenwood Jaleel x Kaela) a Silver Sire Nominated Sire, through the Region 17 Select Stallion Auction and Futurity for : http://www.futurity.region17.com/stallions.html . Sadly, I lost the mare I intended to breed. Now, I'd like to sell the breeding for the price I paid for it , $500 (stud fee is normally $). Invictus is located just outside of Didsbury. He is not only gorgeous, but has a great mind and is doing very well in the show ring including wins at Scottsdale, Canadian Nationals, Western Canadian Breeders, Region 17 and the Egyptian Event. His website is: http://www.erinvictus.com/ . The foal produced from this breeding is eligible to win money by showing it in its yearling and 4 year old year!